Project Preservation: 1925 Survey Map of Thamesville

Years ago during a school project I came across a surveyors map of my home town that had been marked up by historians to indicate what the buildings were used for and any quirks that the owners might have exhibited.

Such gems include:

Mrs. Jim Vance. Wore a dust cap. Gave out good pears at Halloween, each wrapped in paper.


Alex McDonald still owes Lloyd 75ยข for newspapers

All the maps were 100' to 1" scale so they span four 4' by 3' sheets. I just rediscovered my copies so I am going to attempt to preserve them photographically and post them for all to see.

So far I have one of four sheets photographed. By taking 16 individual photos and stitching them it yields a map that is roughly about 50MP.

Here is a small teaser: